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Improve team performance and fuel growth

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Deployment of an integrated, collaborative system is one of the most critical steps businesses make to enable efficient teamwork and ensure the business can scale-up for sustained growth.

Ruby software solutions are user-friendly, scalable solutions which fuel growth by automating mundane tasks and enabling your teams to collaborate effectively on product development, customer specific projects, customer relationship management and on-time order fulfillment. Here are some of the ways in which Ruby solutions help improve team productivity and job satisfaction, whilst fueling growth:

Project management software

Ruby Vision's Project Management module is a powerful and efficient tool for the management and tracking of Customer briefs. The secure, web-based system enables sales people to enter Customer briefs from anywhere in the world, putting the project on the fast track to the technical team for sample selection or R&D work. It enables efficient assignment and tracking of project tasks, project status, samples submitted and customer feedback. More information

Integrated CRM - Customer relationship and lead management solution

Ruby's customer & lead management functionality is fully integrated with project management, sampling and orders enabling companies to improve customer satisfaction through better collaboration. The software enables authorised team members to:

• Track any lead or customer

• Track samples & quotes submitted

• Track customer purchase history and sales by account manager

Formulation Manager lets your team focus on delivering winning products

By automating mundane tasks, providing critical information and keeping track of all the details, Ruby software solutions help your team to fast track the development of winning products. Click here for more information

Manage & Track all Product Application trials

Testing your products in end application/s is key for both R&D and marketing. Ruby's Application Manager is an efficient platform for creating and tracking application recipes/formula's, product trials, application batches and test results. Click here for more information

Quality Control & Compliance - Integrated with Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Inventory Mgt

Organizations frequently have multiple, disconnected systems which require duplication of data entry, causing loss of productivity and a lack of cohesion. These disconnections contribute to missed opportunities and customer service issues.

The answer is integration, and Ruby Vision provides this. In addition to the R&D, compliance and project management functionality, Ruby also offers a fully integrated manufacturing and inventory management module which enables efficient supply chain, manufacturing and quality control management.

For more info on Supply chain features, click here.

Click below for more information on Ruby's functionality for Quality control of raw materials, and manufactured batches.

To register for a free trial of RUBYF&F click here.

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