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Automated compliance checks, calculations and document generation reduce risks of human error

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

RUBYF&F is a comprehensive, proven software solution, custom-engineered for the complex requirements of flavor and fragrance industries. Deployment of RUBYF&F greatly reduces risks from human error by automation of regulatory compliance checking, calculations, product document generation and document management.

Here are some of the key RUBYF&F features that deliver these benefits, with links to information on each feature:

1. Auto-generation of Safety Data Sheets and labels for your products 2. Auto-determine the legal status of your flavor formulations

3. Food allergens: auto-calculate allergen labelling requirements for your product including VITAL's cross contact calculations

4. EU Cosmetic Allergen Labeling Functions

5. IFRA Compliance checking for your fragrance formulations

6. Halal & Kosher status checking and statement generation

7. Non-GMO & Vegan status checking and statement generation

8. Automated calculation of Nutrition data and creation of Nutrition label

This cloud-based, collaborative solution reduces risks in many other ways, including role-based permission control, tracking all changes, a single source of data, document approval process and complete traceability.

To register for a free trial of RUBYF&F click here.

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