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IFRA Compliance Checking

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

RUBYF&F auto-checks compliance against the IFRA standard (currently the 49th amendment) and is updated whenever their are changes in compliance requirements.

How it works

The formulation screen allows perfumers to auto-check IFRA compliance ‘on the fly’ as they develop their fragrances. Compliance is checked for a specified application & dose rate. If an ingredient is prohibited or is above the IFRA cut-off limit, an alert will be displayed, detailing the reason for non-compliance, and the offending material will be marked in the IFRA status column (see screen shot of formula screen below).

Further, the IFRA Max icon allows you to get single click preview of the maximum dose rates permitted across all product categories.

The system allows you to generate IFRA compliance statements in PDF formats to send to your customers either for a category or for all categories.

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