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Formula manager for perfumers and flavorists

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Feature highlights:

  • Auto calculate the solvent quantity to total the formula to 100 or 1000 units

  • Auto adjust the formula to decrease the cost/actives i.e. increase solvent and proportionally decrease actives? The reverse is also possible, i.e. increase actives proportional to the solvent to make the product stronger

  • Manage product versions

  • Copy a formula and see the difference between the original formula and the copied formula, as you edit the original formula. Copy and compare any number of formulations as you edit your current formula

  • Auto resize to any total, i.e. if you formula currently totals to 76, you can resize the formula to 100 or 1000 or any total.

  • Mult level formulation tracking, i.e. a formula can contain another formula, which in turn can contain other formulas

  • Expand and merge sub formulation in the current formula

  • Check and consolidates duplicates within the formula.

  • Search on raw material profile descriptors when entering a formula apart from searching material codes by code or name.

  • See the quantities of items in the formula as ppm or % in the end application against a specified dosage

  • Sort the cost column to view your most expensive items in the formula or sort the QTY column to view by materials by ascending or descending order of quantities

  • Supports costing by last or average costs. You can enter a custom unit cost, to check the cost of the formula.

  • Auto calculate suggested selling prices for all the products and search your products on selling price or cost range.

  • When a raw material cost changes, all the corresponding product costs are auto updated.

  • View the stock of the items in the lab store or factory store

  • Use the ‘where used’ functionality to find out in which formulations an ingredient/raw material is used and at what percentages

  • Generate batch sheets in PDF file for compounding the product.

  • Generate labels to affix to the sample bottles

  • Integrated regulatory checks - IFRA, SDS, Allergens, Nutrition, etc.

  • Lock a formula to prevent further edits. System auto locks formulations when submitted to customers or manufactured in the lab

  • Highly secure: Form groups, use security tags to restrict raw materials in formulations, prevent users from editing formulations, generating batches sheets, unlocking formulations or even from viewing formulations in the system

  • Track yields - i.e. for a spray dried product account for loss on drying (especially water)

  • Setup lab store and track inventory for lab batches

  • Traceability: Ability to manufacture and track lab batches, so every lab sample has a batch number along with the batches of every ingredient used in the formula. Track best before dates in the sample labels.

  • Generate product specs and CoA

  • Quick and well managed product database that allows for searches on products based profiling data, costs, regulatory requirements, solubility, end application performance and rating (internal and based on customer feedback)

  • Support for manufacturing instructions along with auto grouping of items such as solvents, powders, etc. Automation support for order of addition based on configured rules

  • Much much more.

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