Application trials manager - Testing your product in end applications


The Development Application manager allows application technologists to record results of the products they are trialing along with the recipe/formula used.


For a flavour company, If you are trialing flavours in a flavored milk application, multiple trials can be created for chocolate and coffee flavors. A chocolate recipe will have cocoa while the coffee flavor may contain coffee powder. Further each coffee flavor may be tried at different sugar levels and flavor dosage. Development Application manager allows you to capture all the above details accurately as part of a trial and rate them. New trials can be created from scratch or copied from a previous trial. These results will later help you in sampling the best coffee flavour suited for the appropriate application.

For a fragrance company, you can track the performance of your fragrance in various candle application and track the results.

Feature Highlights:

  • The Development application manager is secure, allowing only authorized users to create and update trials. User groups can also be configured to share work easily.

  • Can submit any application trial to any project

  • Options are available to automatically generate customer codes for the products used in the recipe. So the recipe batch sheet generated in a trial view will have internal product codes, while the one generated for the customer in the project will have customer codes instead of the internal product codes.

  • New trials can be created from scratch or an existing trial can be duplicated by clicking the copy icon.

  • Generate a batch sheets for the recipe in PDF format

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