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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Never loose an opportunity - No more xlxs, email followups

RubyVision's Project Management module is a powerful and efficient tool for the management and tracking of Customer briefs. The secure, web-based system enables sales people to immediately enter Customer briefs from anywhere in the world, putting the project on the fast track to the technical team for sample selection or R&D work.

Project enables Sales and management to track the progress of briefs from technical (R&D) through to sample submissions, customer feedback, resubmissions (if required) and Wins.

Using the tool, the Technical teammanage and track their tasks and submissions, collaborate with other team members involved in any given project, track product properties and record results fromapplication technologists (internal tests). Project also facilitates thegeneration of required documents (shipping documents, Product specs, SDS, etc). The tool is role oriented so that each person sees only what projects and tasks he or she needs to edit or view. For instance technical team members use the "My Tasks" menu to see only their pending tasks (creation, analytical, applications, etc) that have been assigned to them across projects, hence giving a highly personalized and focused view which aids efficiency.

The software is designed to handle projects across multiple company sites/offices and is a highly efficient management and Collaboration tool custom-built to answer the unique needs of the flavour and fragrance industry.

Productivity tools

  • All transactions trigger email transactions, eliminating the need to write separate emails.

  • Submit samples and print sample & shipping labels.

  • Complete audit trails track who did what, when and what.

  • Reporting to know how your briefs converted to wins, time taken to execute tasks, etc

  • Get reminded when tasks slip or if feedback is due.

  • Track all customer interactions - phone calls, meetings, etc. which is available to teams and management.

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