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CRM: Customer relationship and lead management solution

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Keep track of leads and never miss an opportunity

All of Ruby Vision's software products enable companies to capture customer and lead data, interactions, transactions and quotations. This is a team based solution with email integration for auto-notifications and reminders.

The customer & lead management functionality is fully integrated with project management, sampling and orders enabling companies to:

• Track any lead or customer

• Track samples & quotes submitted

• Track customer purchase history and sales by account manager

Customer Menu Items

Leads with New or Open state will be displayed on the Active Leads list, and account managers will only see their assigned leads

Meeting minutes

Tracking all customer interactions (whether by phone, face to face or email) helps management and other team members to respond and support the customer appropriately by referring to notes on past interactions. It is easy to search the minutes and generate reports to understand account manager activity.

Converting leads to customers

Once a lead is qualified and/or places an order, the lead can be converted to a customer record with a single click, so that their data is available for use in the rest of the application, such as projects, order processing etc.

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