CRM: Lead tracking solution

Never loose an opportunity

•Integrated with project management, sampling and orders

•Track any lead to closure

•Team based solution with Email integration

•Set follow-up tasks with reminders

•Qualified leads translate to a new project


New Lead

(Enter New lead)

Search Leads

(Search leads in the system. Leads converted to customer will not show up here)

Active Leads

Leads with New or Open state will show up in this list.

Each account manager will only see his or her assigned leads

Meeting minutes

Track all your meeting minutes - be it via phone, face to face or even email interactions. This allows management and other team members to easily refer to past interactions.

Easily search your minutes and get reports:

Converting leads to customer - The Process

Once a lead is converted/qualified, the lead can be converted to a customer, so it is available for use in the rest of the application, such as projects, order processing etc.

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