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Software that helps you Formulate to Specification and budget

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Production innovation is exciting, but much of our precious time and resources can be wasted if the results don’t satisfy the customer specifications and budget.

Ruby’s powerful Formulation Manager is engineered to provide perfumers and flavorists the best possible support as they formulate new and improved fragrance and flavor products. This article introduces key features that help the R&D team to deliver their best, efficiently and on-target.

  • Advanced Formula Management including formula comparison and version tracking with support for multi-stage formulas and processes

  • View formula costs as you formulate (last cost, average cost & custom cost)

  • Check regulatory compliance of your formulations on-the-fly

  • Complete product and raw material data captured in a searchable database

  • Application trial features which support creation and management of end-use recipes for trial of flavor or fragrance products, and the efficient capture and tracking of all application trial data and feedback

  • Project Management features facilitate easy sharing and tracking of customer requirements from sales & marketing personnel to relevant team members (e.g. target application, product specs, technical requirements and budget, sampling requirements etc.)

  • Project Management also facilitates Task assignment and status tracking, tracks sample submissions and customer feedback

  • Supports version control for development, and customer codes for sampling.

  • Provides an efficient collaborative Environment for the whole team, regardless of physical location

  • Customisable Screens for efficient capture of your organisations requirements. For example the Create Project Screen where Sales & Marketing people would enter new brief, can be tailored. (see below)

To register for a free trial of RUBYF&F click here.

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