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Auto-determine Flavour Legal Status for Labels & auto-reformulate to change status

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Facilitating FDA, EU, TTB & Organic compliances

RUBYF&F determines the legal status of a formulation in just a few clicks and provides support for compliance based on the following:

  • FDA

  • TTB

  • EU

  • Others including Nature Identical

How it works

The starting point is the powerful raw material database which captures the legal status of each raw material. The software then analyses the composition of the product formula to automatically determine the legal status. The system enables you to check legal status of formulations with or without reference to any solvent/s in the formula.

Auto convert formulas from one legal status to another (e.g. from an Artificial Product to a Natural Product)

The software makes it easy to convert a product formula to a different legal status (e.g. convert a natural flavour to artificial). The raw material database allows authorized users to map raw materials of the same profile but different legal status. This mapping includes the percentage at which the raw material can be substituted for legal status change. For example you might map Ethyl Vanillin as an artificial substitute for Natural Vanillin with a substitution percentage of 25% for conversion to artificial. Once this raw material mapping is created, RUBYF&F auto-determines the inverse relationships i.e. Natural Vanillin can be substituted for Ethyl Vanillin at 400% in case of artificial conversion to natural.

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