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Non-GMO & Vegan Status Checking & Statement Generation

All Ruby software products enable users to capture and track the Vegan and Non-GMO status of ingredients along with any relevant certificates (see Figure 1). Users can then auto-check the status of a manufactured product or formulation to know whether it can be labelled as Vegan suitable or Vegan certified, or Non-GMO. The system also reports details of why a product is not currently suitable for the same.

Figure 1

In the product database, under documentation tab, just one click is required to check the status (see Figure 2 below). If all of the ingredients are flagged as suitable or certified, the applicable statement can be auto-generated, using a pre-configured template. If a product is found not Vegan suitable/ certified or GMO, the system generates a warning report, with details of the offending ingredients, or ingredients for which the relevant data has not been entered (see Figure 2). Once the required data is entered, they can again run "auto-check status" and generate the statement if all ingredients are suitable/certified Vegan or Non-GMO.

Figure 2

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