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Quality control of outgoing batches - Integrated with manufacturing and dispatch process

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


The 'Batch' menu in RubyVision products enables the Production Planning Manager to create, plan and "soft" manufacture a batch. Batch details such as date of manufacturing, batch number, etc can be recorded along with Quality Control data. The system automatically compares the QC data of the batch to the product specification data (entered into the Product database), thus detecting any variation or non-compliance with the standard. This facilitates the generation of the Certificate of Analysis (COA) document. Logistics can then book the shipment, record the details and print labels (product labels, address labels, etc) for a manufactured batch.

The batch module can also track the inventory movement and has a provision to 'soft' manufacture in the system along with product batch generation. When product batches are created and shipped the batch module adjusts inventory in the background. The manufactured product is manufactured into a selected store but the required raw materials or sub products can be drawn from any store associated with the location of the store selected to manufacture the product into. For example if a Location L1 is configured with stores S1, S2 and S3 and the user decides to manufacture product P1 into S2, then the raw materials required for manufacturing is also used in a FIFO manner from either S1, S2 or S3.

The system auto allocates stock based on FIFO.

Recording Quality Control data

Once a batch is manufactured, Quality control personal can enter the quality control data and either approve the batch for shipment or reject it or keep it on hold.

Feature Highlights

  • Reserve manufacturing: Schedule batches by reserving stock, so stock is reserved but exact batches are not allocated till the time of manufacturing

  • Integrated from sales order - manufacture batches and the dependency/sub batches in one go.

  • Collaborate environment between teams - Example: Integrated email notification when a batch is reserved, manufactured or approved,

  • Powerful search to enable QC view batches that are manufactured but pending QC

  • Extend shelf life of a batch after re-validation and track the re-validation records and generated the new COA

  • Track packaging stock and batches consumed

  • Product batch costs are tucked accurately as the system known which batches were used to manufacture the batches

  • Detailed 'where used' records at a batch level.

  • Recall reports

  • Warning when expired materials are used in batches

  • Audit online manufacturing records, especially when online manufacturing is used to reduce errors and keep batch stock upto-date.

  • Warns operator if a parameter value is not within the range of the parameter specifications.

  • Generate complaint labels in PDF format & print on thermal printers.

  • Ship and invoice approved batches in a single click. Email COA to customers from within the system.

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