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Quality control of incoming batches - Integrated inventory and costing

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


Each time raw materials are purchased, the incoming batch information is recorded, the QC test results tracked and the inventory stock table is auto updated using the Batch module. The Batch module also facilitates generation of batch labels that can be printed and affixed to containers. The Batch module assists organizations to ensure traceability with minimal effort. As with all modules, only personnel with appropriate permissions will be able to perform these operations.

The Batch module allows you to record purchase and quality control parameters of every raw material batch.  Batch details can then be printed on an internal label and fixed to the batch containers so that the Production Dept. can record batch numbers of each raw material used to enable traceability of how the raw material is consumed.

Though the QC can enter all the data, Purchase/Goods receival personnel can initiate the batch as they will be aware of the purchase order details and goods receipts. Once this data is entered, QC can enter the QC results.

Work flow:

When a raw material (or product) is purchased, then the in-coming raw material batch/lot is entered as raw material batches. The details of purchase invoice and purchase order including costing information is recorded in the batch. QC results are recorded against the batch.

When a batch is created, the incoming quantity is auto tracked in the inventory module (inventory stock for the incoming raw material increases). The incoming batch quantities are stored in storehouses that you have created for your organization.

A batch is tracked by its status (user configurable) such as New, Approved, Rejected, etc. The Purchasing and QC personnel typically enter batch information.

Feature Highlights

  • Integrated email notification when a batch is approved

  • Special stores such a Goods received store/Quarantine store, Retention store, Reject store.

  • When a material is received it can be received in to a Quarantine store, and only available for use after QC approval.

  • On Approval, you configure the system to auto allocation stock to batches requiring this material.

  • Re-validation of expired batches is possible to extend shelf life reports

  • Generate QC reports, Material approval labels with bar codes.

  • Every batch tracks its inventory and costs, making costing very accurate. Example to find you cost of production batches, stock on hand, etc.

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