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Software solutions for R&D (F&B Industries) - New product development

  • Easy to use advanced Formula manager with support for multi level formulations

  • Compare one or more formulation at the same time as you develop a new version, expand sub products inline, etc

  • Specification management with different levels of approvals. Tracking properties of product and raw materials used in development (e.g. pH, nutrition data, allergen information, etc).

  • Tracking and management of R&D/Customer projects from brief to Win/loss

  • Collaboration with Marketing/Sales teams and sharing submission status and test results

  • Tracking iterative development (i.e. different versions of a formulation)

  • Tracking results of consumer product trials - Application module

  • Track, lock, approve specifications of the product. System tracks history of changes and versions.

  • Regulatory support for your formulations:

Ingredient declaration FDA/FSANZ/EU etc. complaint Food allergen including trace allergen calculations (VITAL) Nutrition calculator, Check/Track Kosher compliance Check/Track Halal compliance Check/Track Non-GMO compliance Check/Track Vegan compliance Country of origin determination Extendable/Configurable rules to dynamically add new checks. Example. Check for presence/absence or restrictions of certain materials are below a cut off limit. PIF 5.0/6.0 Health star rating of your formula Health claims check (Coming soon!)

  • Support for beverage applications including sugar tables, brix calculations, etc.

  • Generation of compliance documents and labels in PDF format to enable easy portability and printing.

  • Multiple languages supported.

Image below shows the Specs tab for a Chocolate Cake Mix recipe:

You can configure any specs you need to track and quality control when you receive batches.

Image below shows the Nutrition calculator for a Chocolate Cake Mix recipe:

Image below shows a customised label generated in pdf for a Chocolate Cake Mix recipe:

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