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Production scheduling software

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


  • Powerful Drag and Drop interface

  • Configure Rooms and shifts so batches can be allocated accordingly (in Free rooms and shifts)

  • Group ‘product types’ as production groups

  • Allows you to filter by production groups

  • View batches with allergens and group them to:

Reduce washing time

Prevent cross contamination

  • Filter batches by assigned cleaning methods

  • Filter batches by assigned operators

  • Weekly, Monthly and Daily Views

  • Filter batches based on parent/main product or based on sub products

Colour coding to differentiate between batches

  • Background Red: Shortage

  • Background Green: No shortage now (There was a Shortage before)

  • Background Yellow: Shortage but can be manufactured by un-reserving from other batches

  • No background colour: No Shortage

  • Multi colour: Selecting a batch shows dependencies with parent-child relationship

  • Red border: Food Allergen present

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