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Non conformance register

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

The NCR feature allows the organisation to track non conformances to closure. It allows organisations to assign & track open issues, record root causes with corrective and preventive actions. The system auto reminds of slipped issues that are open beyond the due dates. It is Project based with integrated email to track and notify appropriate personal.

Feature highlights

  • Complete change log is maintained for all the records i.e. who changed what, etc.

  • Trace NCRs to manufactured or supplier batches.

  • Trace NCRs to supplier, customers or internal codes

  • Attach files for reference

  • Users can add comments to the NC without affecting the original NCs.

  • Set up permissions on who can view/update a particular NC

  • Complete audit log for all the changes made to NCs.

  • Track any organizational issue to closure.

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