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  • R&D and Regulations

    Every month
    (Base Module)
    • Product Database Manager
    • Raw Database Manager
    • Customisable Specs and Audit logs
    • Development Formulation Manager (Track versions)
    • Application Development Manager – Test formulations
    • Ingredient Declaration
    • Product Specifications
    • Nutrition Calculations
    • Allergen Statements
    • NON GMO, Halal, Kosher, etc.
    • Country of Origin
    • PIF V5.0/6.0 (Australia)
    • Health Star Rating
    • Customer Specific Codes
    • Document Manager – track all generated documents
    • Where used: Find where and how an ingredient is used
  • Manufacturing

    Every month
    Base (R&D, Regulations) and manufacturing/Inventory module
    • Base Module features
    • Manage incoming Raw Material Batches
    • Manage Product Batches
    • Track Customer Shipments
    • Manage Quality Control Records
    • Generate Certificates of Analysis and Labels
    • Track batch costs accurately
    • MRP and Manufacturing
    • Track orders from sales through to shipping and invoicing
    • Purchasing ad track items on order
    • Set reorder levels / Forecasting
    • Setup multiple locations and stores
    • Scheduling module with calendar view (easy drag and drop)
    • Detailed recall reports
  • Project management

    Every month
    Base + Project management
    • Base Module - R&D and Regulations
    • Project Manager – Manage product research and development
    • Track submission, feedback, assign tasks
    • Auto email notifications and reminders integrations
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